Alice Arcangeli, Istruttore di II Livello

I don’t recall exactly when my passion for horses began, certainly when I was very young, since at the age of seven I was already in the saddle on ponies learning to show jump. The wonder and admiration for these animals hasn’t changed with time, in fact, if anything it has increased. I have always been available to care for and ride any horse to learn, to gain experience. At the age of ten I was given my first horse, Hematyt, who is still the horse I love the most and who has given me the most. With him, I did show jumping, trekking, flat work and was with me when I began to change my method of riding appreciating the benefits and serenity of Antonello Radicchi’s technique. It is thanks to my horse that I approached the Feel school. I wasn’t able to resolve the problems before me with traditional methods. My passion for horses spurred me to seek an effective and non-coercive method able to assist me in achieving good results, irrespective of the discipline, adopting a coherent and ethological language based on the psycho-physical wellbeing of the horse, going well beyond competitive results. I believe that putting aside his ego is what allows a rider to question everything he has learned and discover that things can be done better. But it is easier to spend money on God knows what aid rather than take the time to learn and understand the horse. In 2014 I graduated from psychopedagogical high school and that same year I obtained my Uisp certificate and began teaching at Le Querce equestrian centre opening a riding school. In 2015 I began my Feel instructor’s course obtaining level I that same year, level II in 2016 and I am now working on reaching level III with my foal Rio. At the same time, I obtained my certificate for level I instructor from Fitetrec-Ante. Today, I teach equitation and work horses in my centre in the Rimini province implementing the Feel method and placing the wellbeing and understanding of the horse before all else.

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