Carolina Salvadeo

I started attending equestrian centers in Milan at the age of 12, although in my head horses have always been present, I don't remember when I started to love them. I think the passion for horses has always been in me, in everything I am and in everything I do, in my way of life. This has been and still is essential for me and while leading a city life I have managed to get closer and closer to their world. After obtaining the FISE A license, I felt the need to move away from the mentality of the classic equestrian center, to look for something more suited to what I wanted to become, but which was not yet clear to me. I felt the lack of effective communication with the horses, I understood that I had not yet found my way to a conscious and respectful horse riding. So, looking for a solution, I met Queeny, the mare I still have now. It was she who taught me everything I know today, she who filled my dreams, she who made them real. With her, and thanks to the meeting with Sergio Fusi, an instructor and a man of horses who was able to guide me and help me in a fantastic way and to whom I will never stop being grateful, I discovered the world of ethology and the potential of communication between men and horse, I experienced everything I thought could be useful, both from the ground and in the saddle, making mistakes, trying again and growing together, while my interest grew more and more and I started reading books and looking for information. I still get the chills when I think of the imperfect beauty of the first years of work with a mare that stole my heart and made my desire to learn and understand to grow, year after year, until the moment I took it aware of needing something more, of a system to follow, that could make me grow and be able to train me completely, and for more than a year I searched for what was right for me, pursuing this need, when I finally met the FEEL. I started doing internships and lessons with the instructors Alice Arcangeli and Francesco Busignani, who helped me and supported me until I met Antonello Radicchi, on a beautiful journey up to becoming a first level instructor. Queeny and I have finally found our way, with a complete training school, of an incredible quality, not only from a technical point of view but also in a human environment. Today I continue to work for the second level, while I continue my studies in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Milan, with the tranquility and awareness of having finally found the right path in this wonderful family that is FEEL.

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