The objective of Feel instructors principally consists in showing the ability to create a collaborative, stable and efficient relationship with their horse. This relationship aimed at the horse is based on the continued search for linguistic structures which enhance a mutual understanding and must never be expressed in coercitive terms. The Feel methodology is aimed at all disciplines applying a specific gymnastic for every type of horse both on the ground and in the saddle.


Courses may be arranged both in Italy and abroad. They are structured as individual lessons in order to work on rider and horse and on individual problems.
Courses are available to students of all levels irrespective of their qualifications, age or individual ability. Each course may be personalised and aimed at different subjects based on the preparation and requirement of the rider and horse. Particular emphasis will be put on communication with one’s horse establishing the basis of the language in work on the ground which will then be applied in the saddle. Gymnastics and biomechanics will also form part of the course.
Participation in the courses is exclusively for members of FEEL.


Instructor courses are aimed at those who wish to subsequently teach what they have learned.
They consist of four four-day courses with an examination in the final course. They require one or two owner’s own horses to be trained regularly. Subjects vary according to level from work on the ground and initial gymnastics up to collection. Lessons will deal with both theory and practice and will also treat matters relating to teaching.


The student instructor may be assisted by a Tutor i.e. at least a level II instructor. The Tutor may personally teach a student and present him to the final examination held by a FEEL trainer when he is ready.


Our level I instructors have access to the examination for level I instructor of Fitetrec-ante.


Feel Associates …..
Membership to Feel, in addition to the normal institutional activities, also gives access to free participation to all Feel courses as a spectator.
This is aimed at incentivising interest in more complex topics which will be dealt with in theory and subsequently applied during our lessons.

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