Elisa Veri

I started riding at the age of 5 and I must say that from that day on horses have been the only constant of my life. As a young Amazon I faced all the experiences related to the pony world: Pony Games, to which I participated with school ponies and show jumping competitions in which I participated with my pony, a connemara named Tipping Tim. I participated in regional and national championships, in the regional cup during Pavarotti International and in the youth games. With Tiping I also participated in complete gaer and with him I withdrew the 1st degree FISE. My first horse was a Lusitano, Douquet with whom I participated in categories C115-C125-C130. In those years I was followed by the knight Fenarndo Fourcade Lopez and I worked for a year at his stable. Being in close contact with him and his wife, I was able to gain experience by assembling their foals and also to have an experience on the management of the team. Back home I bought my first Imper baby, with her we took the whole route reserved for young horses, up to the categories reserved for six-year-old horses, and then continue on category C120 / C125. I owe her a lot because her initially not easy character pushed me to improve and always try to understand something more about these magical animals. It is in fact precisely in the attempt to resolve a defense that she presented at the time of having to climb using the bracket that I was lucky enough to meet Francesca at Antonello, working with communication and respect we have solved this not a little annoying problem and with it many others . After this first approach, my decision to take the path to become a 1st level FEEL Instructor was born, which I successfully completed and thanks to which I was able to deepen my equestrian culture in many ways. Later I took the exam for the FITETREC level 1 instructor. My goal is to be able to better understand the horses and improve the way I relate to them both from the ground and in the saddle and to be able to convey the same notions to my students so as to help them improve themselves, the relationship with their horse and consequently always get better results.

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