Emiliana Mercatili

I am Emiliana and this is my story:

The experience in the equestrian world was born at the age of 12, when one day my mother took me with her for the first time to a riding school to take a horse ride. From that moment I was kidnapped by the charm of this splendid and powerful animal, with sweet and deep eyes. Deepening my experience with these wonderful friends at the age of 17 I bought my first horse, starting a training course made up of internships, lessons, cross-country competitions, obstacle jumping and trekking, even for 10 days, which they allowed me to obtain qualifications at the age of 22 both from the FISE federation as an instructor and with FITETREC-ANTE as TECHNICAL FRAMEWORK. I began to work at the riding schools in the area with the role of instructor. For personal reasons I had to abandon this profession, which at the time was not very profitable, but without ever leaving my horses and the charm of their being. Until you reach the age of 35 where my concept of working the horse began to change, due to the acquaintance of a friend who spoke to me about Antonello Radicchi and his working method based on communication and mutual respect between horse and rider through an ethological method without coercion, making the horse harmonious and collaborative. In 2016 I embarked on the path to becoming Feel's first level instructor, after a year of work divided between theory and practice I reached my goal and in 2017 I took the exam to become a Fitetrec-ANTE instructor. I currently work at my SCUDEIA LE FONTANELLE ASD activity as an instructor.

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