Francesco Busignani, Instructor level II

I was born in Rimini on 06.10.1983, and my passion for horses was present in my life from a very young age. At sixteen I began to work for a riding club in the Rimini province as a guide in treks on horseback. In 2012, I opened the “Le Querce” riding club with the aim to deepen and cultivate my passion and share it with others. I followed some courses in ethology and western riding and it is precisely because of my constant curiosity and wish to learn that I met Antonello Radicchi and his method. It immediately interested me because it focused on the horse and its wellbeing, not only physical but also psychic. His approach and his method of working immediately seemed coherent with what I wanted to practice. The horses correctly executed complex dressage figures so naturally and with a propensity to work which one rarely encounters. Thanks to my passion for horses and for photography I was able to handle the photographic part of the book Do You Speak Equis? What I have always wanted to learn is a method based on reciprocal understanding and respect which goes well beyond the currently widespread use of coercion. In 2015 I started the course to become a Feel instructor achieving level II and we are now, together with my horses, working on level III. I have always lingered on the relationship and understanding with a horse, both on the ground and in the saddle, always researching and digging deeper into these issues. I now work at my centre in Rimini province and run stages throughout Italy.

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