Irene Boriosi

I first approached the world of horse riding at the age of 5 when my father took me to a riding school. I was very small but already felt that it would become my passion. I immediately began attending internships as a "pony for a friend" starting up riding and vaulting at C.I. violino from 15/06 to 20/06 1998 and summer courses always at the C.I. violino from 19/06 to 25/06 2000. I was part of the team for the Italian pony games championships at the C.I. "Le Siepi" in June 2001,2002,2003 and 2004 and the youth games in Sardinia in September 2004. During my career I have also participated in many show jumping and dressage competitions. In 2007 I met Antonello Radicchi who taught me to see the horse as a "collaborator" and not as an animal to give orders to. He explained the behavior to keep with the foals, what we can ask them and how to always put the horse in the condition of "being able to do" without asking him things that are impossible for him; and many other beautiful things. I am really happy to have met him because he has revolutionized my way of riding. In 2016 I became a first level fitetrek instructor and second level instructor Feel. I graduated in physical education in 2017.

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