Laura Ravaioli, Istruttore di I livello

“Every horse has something to teach us, for free, asking for nothing in return except respect and love”

Since I was a child horses have always been a constant in my life. I approached equitation when it was suggested that my parents take me to an equestrian centre to calm my rebellious nature and since that day I never left. My passion for these wonderful animals kept growing and the more I grew up, the more I wanted to learn. In the equestrian centre where I learned to ride, I had the opportunity to ride a number of horses but what I was lacking was an instructor in order to continue to learn and improve because I didn’t want just to ride, I wanted something more. At the centre I obtained the UISP practitioner certificate in order to start a course for training young horses. For a few years I tried various traditional paths to achieve a basic dressage level, but the results weren’t forthcoming, the colts didn’t improve, they became increasingly less manageable and dangerous, I felt something was missing… this wasn’t the right way to communicate, there was no relationship. This disappointed me, I wanted to succeed, I wanted to understand them and make them understand me but I didn’t yet know how, I had not someone to show me the way. After graduating in Social Services in 2016, I decided that what I wanted to do is devote myself to horses, learn, acquire technique and teach but still needed someone to guide me. Finally, in the beginning of 2017, I went for my first (and certainly not last) lesson at the Centro Ippico le Querce where Alice Arcangeli, already a level 2 FEEL instructor, introduced me to the method. Initially I didn’t fully understand, but, after a short while, the results were there; finally, what was missing had been found. At the same centre, I had the opportunity to attend a stage with Antonello Radicchi to which I took Macchia, one of the more difficult colts, whose owner agreed to leave him at the centre so that I could train him there. The subsequent two difficult months really opened my eyes and convinced me that I had found my way. I was given my horse Nurce with whom I began this journey and who was the first to benefit from this method. In 2018 I became a level 1 FEEL instructor and am continuing to achieve level 2 while continuing to work at the equestrian centre in Forli
“Every horse has something to teach us, for free, asking for nothing in return except respect and love”


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