Massimiliano Maschiella

My name is Massimiliano Maschiella my passion for horses was born as a child, growing up I approached more and more to this beautiful animal participating in trekking of one or more days, attending internships in Italy and abroad in classical and vaquera riding looking for to deepen more and more my equestrian knowledge also varying discipline. Until one day I met Maestro Antonello Radicchi who with his Feel method opened up a new world of communication, ethology, lightness based on mutual respect between horse and rider, all in total harmony and without coercive methods and means . In the year 2016 I attended the Feel Instructors course where I studied the method in depth and after much practice and study I obtained the Feel first level instructor diploma. In 2017 I obtained the Fitetrec-Ante first level instructor diploma with a theoretical practical exam.

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