Matilde Radicchi

Born in Città di Castello (Pg) in 1998. I started riding a horse when I was 3-4 years old. My mom had opened a small equestrian center and I immediately started riding ponies; since 2005 with the driving license A FISE I started to participate in many competitions including the Italian Championships in Cervia and the Ponyadi in Rome. During these years I have practiced pony-games, gimkana 2, gimkana cross, show jumping, dressage, work riding, carousel, endurance and vaulting, also achieving excellent results. I finished the competitive activity in 2012. These years have helped me a lot to have a good relationship with these animals, to understand them and to interact with them. When I stopped assembling ponies to switch to horses I spent a few years without knowing which way to go; living the stable life every day, I was able to see concretely the different approaches that people had with their horses, and I started to get closer to this method because it seemed to me and it still seems very interesting to me to discover every aspect of it. I started taking lessons and I began to observe with what attitudes my father and my mother approach and work with horses and foals. Beginning this journey I started to see the world of horse riding with different eyes and above all I am changing my way of approaching these animals. In 2015 I started the course to become Feel's first level instructor by taking the exam in December with a sella-Italian named Contender, with whom I subsequently obtained the Fitetrec-ante first level instructor exam in 2016. In 2017 always with Contender I became a second-level FEEL instructor. Unfortunately in August of the same year Contender passed away; with him I was able to take a wonderful learning and training path thanks to the FEEL method, even working in halter on show jumping. He was the horse that taught me the most and I will always be grateful to have met him.

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