Oana Georgiana Butnaru, Istruttore di I Livello


I was born in Romania on April 22, 1991. I grew up among horses, I even got bitten and kicked since I was a little girl without ever ceasing to love their soft faces. At the age of twelve I had an accident with a stallion, a bite in my face because I was preventing him from going to do his stallion duty. I lay in the hospital almost a month and when I went out I was a little scared especially when they had their ears back .. I didn't give up, I told myself that I could overcome the fear if I wanted to continue having to do with horses, and so it was. My dream as a child was to do the galloping horse trainer ... but then I met the Happy Stable and my gallopers became jumpers ...

I arrived in Italy at the age of sixteen and then at the age of eighteen I met the president of the Happy Stable who was intrigued by my passion for horses and asked me to visit their riding school. I was fascinated by it and immediately fell in love with it. From that moment to the present I have dealt with the care and management of the Happy Stable horses. One of the best moments and get up in the morning and see the pack waiting for me to eat. Living in the riding school I have the opportunity to observe the pack almost all day, I learned to know them well, I know the habits of each one of them and I immediately understand if there is any problem.

I started to ride with all the instructors of the center in 2010, to then continue with Domenico Tripoli. I started riding school horses. My first love is called Kerim, an Arab, with him I learned not to give up, with him I made the first falls and also the first jumping. But the little horse that made me feel the first emotions in the race was Irina, then moved on to mount Giunone (with her I started the FEEL route).

Over the years I have attended various stages of Ethological Riding and Naturalization of the Horse, I also participated in the Parelli courses that were periodically held in our Center.

In May 2011 I attended the theoretical and practical course on the study of the horse, its mind, behavior, well-being, nutrition and education, conducted by Dr. M. Kiley-Worthington.

In July 2011 I attended the theoretical and practical course of Basic Operator E.D.A. (Horse Riding Disabled).

Together with Domenico Tripoli and Alessandro Messineo we deal with the re-education of the so-called "difficult" horses, we try to solve the desperate cases (horses refusing to jump, we also try to help the pairs in difficulty). We take care of the training of foals and young horses.

I am very fascinated by the work on the ground, the easels and the jumps, I think they are a great workout for horses. In ground work horses learn to do on their own, thus developing concentration and responsibility in the exercise.

From 2018 I am OTAL, Technical Operator of Play Activity and I am ready to start the training course to become a FISE Instructor.

A year ago we did the first FEEL stage with Alice Arcangeli, a FEEL instructor. We immediately found ourselves well with the new method, the horses responded well and we had excellent results.

Together with Domenico and Alessandro we started the journey to become a FEEL Instructor working with Maestro Antonello Radicchi and other instructors, and on January 15th 2019 we became 1 FEEL level instructors.

In search of lightness, having the weight of the rides in your hands. We will work to have this result on the jump, and maybe even on a journey ...

Training improves us as people and trains our horses better.


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