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Raffaella Formichi

My first equestrian experience dates back to about thirty years ago. I was more or less 17 years old and I had always been intrigued by this beautiful animal, since I was a child, but there were no equestrian centers in my area, at least I wasn't aware of them if they existed or not, and I also practiced classical dance, my first great passion . From the precise moment I started, I realized that riding would be the sporting activity that would be best married to my character facets, even though I soon became aware that in the first place for me it was not a sport but a lifestyle. Why, there is a premise to make. I am "dependent animal"; I have always enjoyed the company of some animal, I could not conceive of living without, but what I especially like is the relationship that is created with them, I like to understand why they behave in a certain way, because they have certain reactions, so much so that I always wanted to make this interest my future job. During the 8 years following my first experience I obtained the A3 Fise license, my current qualification now called Brevetto, and participated in several Fise horse competitions. I ran a riding center for 5 years and bought my first and only "horse" that has been with me for 22 years, since he had just three. So many satisfactions with him, I trained him and brought him to the race, but the greatest satisfaction was being able to create an indissoluble relationship with him. At the age of 25 I had to fall asleep because of a head tumor that literally devastated him in body and soul.
There is not a day that I don't think about my beloved Olcaster. After these 8 intense years, I took a break from the equestrian world over 10 years, during which my interest was exclusively limited to the well-being of my horse, which for me must always be a priority, in any field and at any level . I would like to underline this. In 2008, I began to get closer to equestrian practice, enjoying all the psycho-physical benefits it brought. It is in this moment that I take Chicca Mia, a very sweet friend of a dear friend, into custody who I have trained and worked regularly so that I can participate again in some horse shows and achieve the status of OTEB Fise. In all these years of various experiences, however, I have always felt inside myself that I am not "right", that I am incomplete. The "traditional" methods instead of increasing the certainties that I had, increased the doubts. And above all they took away the security of being able to practice a horse-riding completely respecting the psycho-physical well-being of the horse. The achievement of this awareness started my equestrian journey in "lightness". This new phase, which I consider the real starting point of my equestrian experience, had its decisive turning point when I discovered the F.E.E.L. and I met Maestro Antonello Radicchi, who allowed me to answer my questions and make sure I was in the right way from the horse's point of view, thus confirming what I had always known inside me, that there is a way to do more riding fair and ethical, as well as technically valid; a method tailored to the horse, which speaks its language and therefore puts it in a position to collaborate proactively with us.

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