Silvia Montanucci

I was born in Sansepolcro (AR) on 18/06/1988; I was fortunate enough to approach the world of horse riding with a view very different from that of the classical school. In fact my first instructor was Antonello Radicchi, who at the time, we are talking about 19 years ago, was mainly a horse trainer for equestrian art performances. Temptation II (for all the legendary "Ciuffo"), with which I undertook a long, wonderful, arduous journey, passing from small representations in classical taming, to some village fairs, up to participating in dressage cat competitions .E and F to good results at regional and national level (in 2006 the Umbrian champion cat.F yuniores and 3rd place free style final trophy GID). I had the opportunity, together with Antonello, to participate in the 1st stage, in Italy, of Philippe Karl, remaining fascinated by his revolutionary method. For my personal satisfaction I accepted to participate in an American course, an "English" discipline, obtaining a 2nd and 3rd place in the Italian championships. I obtained the authorization of 1st grade in 2005. It is precisely from this moment that I began to see as the only end of the world, participation in the races, the category changes, unfortunately losing sight of that particular view of the riding that Antonello he had tried to convey with his teachings. All this led me to look elsewhere for what I was looking for. For years I managed, together with my mother, a stable, also doing riding lessons and children under supervision of the FISE instructor of the equestrian center. I did lectures with several instructors, FISE technicians and dressage judges, among whom I recall with pleasure Sorin Badulescu. I worked for about a year with Chiara Rosi, Italian endurance champion, learning a lot about the physical preparation and nutrition of the sport horse. The many experiences lived did not give me as gratification, rather they helped me to understand that "beauty is not always justifying the means", dove, at that moment, beauty was for me the passage to higher categories, the means were the classic training methods that promise satisfactory results quickly or, alternatively, the replacement of one's horse. Controversy aside, I thank the experiences because they brought me or rather "found" with a view to riding a horse for the sake of it, to grow (in technical terms) together with my horses, to bring them to their full potential, always with respect of their "being". In 2011 I graduated in Nursing Sciences and work at the Internal Medicine of the Città di Castello Hospital (ASL Umbria 1); I have three wonderful horses that I carry on with my flat work thanks to Antonello. On December 13th 2015, after attending the "Feel" instructor course for a year, I became a Level Instructor. For the moment I continue to follow the work of Antonello is increasingly convincing that it is the alternative to the safety of classical methods, that from knowledge and know-how, which is not based on the strength of the technique, which at the same time rewards the rider. I try to transition my knowledge and technical skills to those who want to approach an innovative method. Not being my work job, everything is dictated by a huge passion for riding and love for horses.

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